Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Twilight Eclipse

On a Tuesday on the first day on our holidays my sister and I woke up at 6:30 to go to Sylvia Park Hoyt's for an exciting movie. At first I asked my Dad what time we were leaving and he answered "at about 11;00 o'clock".

So my sister and I had a turn each to have a shower before the exciting movie. When we were ready Emalata rang up and asked if we could changed the place where we were going to meet up. Emalata asked if we could meet at the train station and my sister said "okay".

When we arrived at Sylvia Park we saw Emalata with her older and younger sisters at the train station. We couldn't find a park so we had to park at the top of the parking building. As we were walking down we saw Emalata walking towards us but her sisters were already walking into Sylvia Park.

Finally we entered the Hoyt's Cinema and first we checked what time was the earliest time to watch 'Eclipse', it was 1:00pm and when I looked at the time it was only 12:00pm so we brought our tickets and our food. I got a Twilight Eclipse combo, my Mum and Dad got a large drink and popcorn and my little sister got a Toy Story 3 combo with two chocolate ice creams, 1 for me and 1 for my little sister. Next we went and sat down and waited for the movie to start.

Soon we went into the cinema which was right at the end. When we entered the movie it hadn't started yet.

When the movie started my little sister enjoyed it but when it got to the middle my sister got scared and was covering her ears and wanted another ice cream, so my mum went and got my sister and I a mint ice cream.

At the end of the movie we were walking to the car park and my popcorn flew everywhere, which made a huge mess. I hope we go to the movies again, it was awesome.


  1. You have really thought about what happened on your trip to the movies, however I think you need to read over your blog before posting it, just to check your sentences all make sense. Good beginning effort though.

  2. Hi Agnes

    It's great to see that you have posted your first recount :)

    I can tell that you really enjoyed going to the movies. My family loves doing that too. What a pity your popcorn flew everywhere! Very annoying.

    I think Mr C's advise is very sensible. I always find it helpful to read my writing out loud before publishing it, to make sure it all makes sense. Sometimes when I am typing, I make mistakes. Double checking it before posting helps pick up any problems. I'm sure that doing that could help you too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us all. I am looking foward to watching your writing progess throughout the year :)