Friday, November 19, 2010

The awesome Zoo trip

RIIIIINNNNNNGGG” went the bell on a early Thursday morning as the Year 0-6 , teacher’s and Mr Coakley (our Principal) left for the Zoo at 9:00am. We all met in the hall at about 8:55am and at 9am we got on the bus on our way to the Auckland Zoo. It took a while for us to get there, but we finally got there about 9:30am.

First we waited at the gate very exited and ready to go in. The thing that caught my eye was a huge Green Lizard, it was made out of something that I don’t know of, but it was awesome. We split into our groups, us Year 6’s were with Mr Coakley, Mrs Hoggins and Miss Ana.

We walked through the path way and the first real live animal we saw was a Zebra and then a Giraffe. They were HUGE and especially with their long necks, they were awesome. We next moved onto the Rhino's and they were so big, we also saw some Springboks from Africa. We soon passed by 1 or 2 animals and we all crowded around this weird looking place with a HUGE cave and there was torn up material and the tree that had a great big sharp tooth hanging off it, it was really, really weird. This area was as if the African lions are gonna rip us apart.

We went on for AGES, it was finally morning tea time. As we carried on we came to the otter’s and they were sooooooo cute. We saw the Mea cats too. These were my favourite because me and Sanne crawled through all the tunnels and were playing around. Soon it was time to get out, it was awesome and funny because the Mea cats were always staring at us and Sanne was scared. As the trip went on we were all getting sore legs.

We went to the Parrots and it started raining Cats and Dogs we all ran under this weird looking shelter thing. We all went to the classroom and learnt about the animals and what their habitats were.

Sadly it was time to go back to school at 2:30pm.

On our way back to school most of the people were sleeping on the bus it was funny.
This trip was SO awesome and I hope to go again with my family in the future YAY!!!!!!