Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My I like Poem

I like chocolate because its absolutely yummy.

I love my cousins Peter who is 21, Aaron who is 24, Leua who is 18, Sam who is 14, Natasha who is 21(twins with Peter) and my uncle Manu who is 18. They are very, very, very protective of me.

I admire my cousin Olalini because she is very healthy and is a very educational person. She is very sporty and a good role model.

I adore Dogs because they are very fun to play with. They are very brainy and in the past I've had 9 Dogs in my life. I will adore Dogs forever.

I favour my right hand because, it is my strongest hand and I write with it.

I am a very big fan of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. I wish to see them one day, but sadly Michael Jackson has past away.

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