Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our GREAT talent show!!

My class and I walked into the hall. There was a dead silence. No one was talking. I was surprised. Some parents were sitting around the hall, students sitting on the floor. Mrs Williams took us to our place. We all waited for the
talent show to start. It was a warm Friday.

Our hosts Lavinia and Robertanna marched up to the middle of the hall. “WHATS UP ST PIUS” they said. I suddenly said to myself this will be a good show. “First act room 4 singing for us. Give it up for room 4” Lavinia said.

About an hour later the show was still going on I wondered what time the show was going to end. “Angelica and her group” Our hosts announced again. I sat with excitement. After the performance I cheered and cheered. A few more performances and then suddenly the show was nearly finished.

The last performance was room 7. I had no clue what was happening. We all went up and sang ‘As we gather’. During the song the parents got up and left. Some of us had to stay behind and clean up. I am really looking forward to the next talent show.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My holidays

I woke up with a sudden shock. I looked around. luckily I was back to reality. I jump to my feet with excitement. I barge into my Mothers room. My sister was sitting there with my Mum. “SO what are we doing today?”I asked. “Get up Get ready” My Dad said in a rush. What’s happening Dad. ‘Get Ready’ he said again.

“We’re going to the movies” my dad answered again. “HOORAY” I was jumping for joy. I rushed back to my room. Put on shorts, T-shirt e.t.c. I grabbed the brush , brushed my hair. As I as about to walk out the door. I saw the cream. Standing on the fire place. I dived for it. Slapped some on my face, legs and arms. Off we went.

Went walked in the Sylvia park Hoyts. We were discussing our movie. ‘OKAY’. we’re going to watch Transformers 3. The movie was on at 1:00. But it was only 9:30. We bought our snacks and our tickets. We walked around for a few hours. FINALLY it was time to go in the cinema.

The movie started. It was about bad robots trying to take over the world. Unfortunately they destroyed the city. Their plan was going well. Building's were falling and cars were on fire. In one blink of an eye they were all defeated and the world was safe again.

I walked out with a lot of joy. I really enjoyed the movie and I really want to watch it again. So than we walked around Sylvia park and went to the food court. We ate our delicious big ice-creams and milkshakes. Off we went home.

Swimming pool highlight

My highlight in the new portable swimming pool was when we were playing Salmon says. People were cheating and pointing at each other saying “Your out! Your out!” It was very funny.

I walked out of the pool. I felt like I was standing in Antarctica. I felt the wind hitting me like a big boulder.