Friday, November 30, 2012

My Decimals

This year decimals were my weak point. Going through this year I now know how to solve decimal equations. I am now going to show you how I solve my decimal .

For example. : 7.2 x 1.8= ?

First I multiply these numbers avoiding the decimal point. 
72x18=1296. But then where do I put the decimals ?

Looking at my equation there is 1 place before both decimals. 1+1=2. So I move the decimal 2 places from the end of my answer. 12.96

Camp 2012

There was so many things I enjoyed. Archery was one of the best. It was my first time and a great experience. It was harder than it looked. I wasn't to good but got some good shots. If I had another chance to play I would take it . Camp was great.

Friday, November 16, 2012


My nutrient is Carbohydrates. To share what I have learnt my group and I have made a Acrostic Poem.

C- Complex carbohydrates.
These carbohydrates  are found at the bottom of the food pyramid . These foods give  us long lasting energy.

We should all have a good attitude towards our eating. Making sure that what we put on our bodies are healthy.

Both of these foods contain Carbohydrate, Vitamins , Fibre , Minerals , Water and Fat.

Oxygen is part of the 3 main things we need to live. W-Water O-Oxygen F-Fitness

H- Hazel nuts
Food grown from the ground contain fibre and carbohydrates. 

Different yoghurt have different fruits. We should have at least 2 serves of fruit a day.

D- Diet
A diet is food that people and animals Habitually eat.

R-Rock melon
Rock melon is a fruit and is often compared to a Watermelon.

A Appetite is how much you eat. 

Treats are yum . But it is better to eat less of lollies and more of Vegetables.

E- Exercise
Exercise helps our bodies to breath better , Makes our heart and bones stronger.

S-Simple Carbohydrates
Simple Carbs are found at the TOP of the food pyramid. Chocolate, Fizzy drinks , Lollies Etc. These contain ALOT of sugar. But they also change into fat REALLY fast.

I hope you have learnt something about the nutrient Carbohydrates.