Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friday morning and some students were preparing for an nerve racking show!

It was 10:45 sharp as everyone made their way to the hall getting ready for an exciting show. First Mr Coakley (our principal) had introduced our show and that we were having our very first talent show ever.

Our first performance was Angelica, Justice, Simone and Grace with a Hula dance. Our next performance was another Hula from Emelia and Robertanna e.t.c

Then it came up to the 5th performance. They were doing a mix dance and it was very entertaining . I reckon that it was the best out of all because it looked hard to learn in 1 week. Next up was A’leina and Sia performing a beautiful Samoan dance sung by “Nifoloa”.

“Sometimes in our lives..” I heard a lovely voice coming from the center of the stage it was Latai, Rachael and Hifo singing an emotional song ‘Lean on me’. It started off lovely but then it got really emotional for Latai because either she got stage fright or was just feeling emotional as she started to cry.

After that emotional performance I heard Mr Coakley say “Please welcome back up to the stage A’leina and Sia not dancing but singing...”
Clap, Clap, clap I heard coming from the audience.

“That was lovely I said to my classmates...”

“Please welcome Ofa, Kahlanie, Angelica and crew singing ‘Ehu Girl’

To finish off the lovely and entertaining Talent Show was the Year 8 girls singing ‘Draw Me Nearer’ sung by Jireh. My favourite part was the harminising, it sounded beautiful.

Now that was all for our very 1st talent show and it went very smoothly. Keep in touch for our next talent show


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  1. Hey Agnes well done to all the performances I know that they were all Awesome and so is your story.

    Keep up writing your stories