Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tennis :)

“YAY we’re first” !. I quickly slipped off my jumper. I grabbed my racket and ball. I raced to a net. I was so excited. Marcel , our instructor , was teaching us basic skills for tennis. I was so excited and so was the rest of Room 7 on this lovely Tuesday morning.

We had to find a partner. My partner was A’leina . We stood opposite each other of the net. Gently, I threw the ball and she gently hit it back. To and fro we went. Then the ball flew over my head. “A’Leina,” It was my turn. I couldn't wait.

Later on, Marcel put us in groups of eight. Well I had eight people in my group. One person stood on the opposite side and the rest stood on the other. Two people at a time had a little challenge. Who ever wins gets to be King / Queen on the other opposite side. There were four winners. I was one of them. I was THRILLED and proud.

I did not notice the time. It went so quickly. Our lesson was over. We kindly said thank-you and walked back to class. I did not want to stop. This was fun for me. It was a great new experience. I had a wonderful time. I can’t wait for next week .

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