Thursday, February 23, 2012

My holiday :)

“OH SNAP”! I said. That was the noise. “Dad how did this happen.” “Don’t worry just get ready “ he replied. I Walk past the hanging light bulb. I wasn't excited about what was happening today. It was a cold Wednesday morning.

My Dad , My Mum and I hurry in the car. We take off. We spot a sign . It read ‘Mercy Ascot hospital’. We parked the car and walked in. My mum spoke to the front desk. “Your at the wrong hospital”. She says.“oh” we replied. The kind lady hands over the directions to my Dad and off we went.

“NOW we are at the right hospital” my Mum exclaims. We rush in. We were sent to a meeting room. We all had a meeting with two nurses. She explained what's happening before and after my dad’s operation.

We take a walk to the elevator . My Mum and I say bye . Up he goes with the nurses to his operation.

I was afraid that something might go wrong. My Mum and I drove back home. We had a little snack. Back we went to the hospital . He’s going to be okay I repeat in my head.

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