Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Career week .

In week 8 , the students of Room 7 had to chose what career we would like to do when we grow up.

I have chosen to become a Aviation security officer (ASO). As a ASO  they are to perform duties to help ensure the safety of New Zealand. To be a Aviation security you have to be dedicated , responsible and willing to commit to the safety within the airport. 

They are required to 
  • Screen carried on luggage 
  • Screen check in luggage
  • Watch the airport workers 
  • Search the aeroplane
You need a 
  • Full New Zealand licence 
  • A New Zealand residency or citizenship
  • Good english (Other languages would be an advantage)
  • Flexible around work hours
  • Good peoples skills , integrity , honesty and trustworthiness .
  • The competencies we look for are:

Striving – Drive for achievement, need for expertise, drive to put beliefs in action;
Thinking – Focus, discipline, personal responsibility; and
Relating – Empathy, attentiveness to individual differences, ability to persuade, taking charge.

Personally I would like to become a ASO because I would like to experience someone trying to import drugs. 

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