Monday, August 20, 2012

The Olympic torch

This is my report writing based on the Olympic Torch.

Title : Olympic torch General Statement: The Olympic torch is lit every four years. The olympic torch is a tradition. The torch is carried to each country that the olympics are held in.

 Description: The ancient olympics was founded by Hercules a son of Zeus. The Olympics started in 776 BC. They are dedicated to the Olympian gods. They continued for 12 years, until Emperor Theodosius decided that pagan cults were banned.

 In 1896 one french and 2 british men reintroduced the Olympics. The olympic torch is a symbol of the theft by the ancient greek god. The Fire was reintroduced in the 1928 Summer Olympics.

 Evaluation : I think the olympic torch is a great way to signify the olympics. I like the idea that it burns throughout the whole of the olympics and is put out at the closing ceremony .

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