Friday, October 28, 2011

My HoLiday :)

During the holidays, my Samoan Sunday school and I aIong with other Parishes went to Glenn Innes primary school. We were all very excited. The roads were full of Samoan people. It was an exciting Saturday morning.

Their was a MASSIVE truck decorated with Samoan decorations. The sides of the truck were removed. In the truck was Miss Samoa,NZ, A Taupou (Samoan dancer) and Some Samoan Chiefs.

The Famous Miss Samoa was waving to everyone as we walked past the truck. She was smiling a lot. She looked very friendly.

We were leading the march. We had two flags representing our Sunday school. Finally we started the march.

We started in front of G.I Primary School. We walked down the road towards G.I. Everyone was cheering, yelling and waving their flags. We were moving at the pace of a turtle.

We stopped at the round about. There were HEAPS of people watching us. They were cheering for us, I saw SO many cameras. I smiled at all of them.

We carried on walking around the round about . Up the road we went, around to mad butcher and carried on and stopped outside the library.
What a fun start to the day.

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