Friday, June 24, 2011

Netbook persuadesive writing

Net-book is not a great tool for learning.

Net-books are a massive distraction. We students have a lot of interest in Internet and sometime we use it inappropriately

Their are a lot of bad uses for a net-book . People can go on You-tube, games, face book, downloading e.t.c
However on the Internet people can cyber-bullying and it can lead to a terrible ending.

Also when using the Internet you can correct spelling mistakes. I don’t find this tool effective on our our learning. Also I think the Internet is very tempting by going on to other sites that we are not allowed on or that are inappropriate. Another reason when we are disconnected it wastes more of our learning time.

Also in our maths our net-books has a calculator installed in our net-book so people can go straight to their calculator and cheat and then they put in the wrong group and is not able to complete his/her work.

Obviously I think that Notebook's are not a great tool for learning and it is not going to help us achieve our goals that much.

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