Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An exhausting day!!

It was a Friday morning and Saint Pius the X School had started the day with a beautiful St Patrick’s mass. Today was the day St Pius X School had their annual Athletics day .

Morning tea was here, everyone was getting ready for the day ahead of them. Everyone got changed into their running clothes. The groups were Kiwis, Geckos, Tuis, and Keas.

The bell rang . Everyone had to go to their house group.

The relays started. I was so nervous because I didn’t want to run in the relays. The kids were going up. It was getting closer to the 10 year olds.

The 10 year old kids were called up and I walked up with them.

It was time to run. “GO” said Mr Gaffney .

Time went Past it was now time for the 200 meter race half way around the field. It was optional .

I was thirsty I was patiently waiting for lunch time.

The Bell rang for lunch time. I was relieved and happy. I could finally have a drink

ahhhhhhhh, I sighed a sigh of relieved.

Suddenly I herd the bell ring again. That meant that lunch was over.

“10 year old boys and girls make your way to Mr Gaffney for your 200 meters race.” I didn’t run I just watched. Straight after that was the novelty races. 1st was Room 1 and 2 e.t.c. . Finally it was Room 7,5 and 6. We did relays.

Tui’s and Kiwis was first to challenge.

Tuis won the race. Kiwis were saying that the Tuis cheated. Now was Keas and Geckos. Kiwis were cheering for Geckos but I was cheering for Keas. The game finished and the winners was the Geckos. Then, all of a sudden their were people running again. The final winner was........................... ‘KEAS’ hooray I was yelling.

The final groups were Keas and tuis. The games were intense. Everyone was running as fast as they could. The games was over and the winner was...........................................’TUIS’.

It was the end of athletics and now we end it with a chant competition. The running winner were geckos the chant winners were geckos and the behaviour winners were.........................’GECKOS’ AGAIN Yay the geckos were shouting.

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