Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Term 3 the most exciting thing that stood out to me was getting my own blog. This tells me that I have been writing a lot, for me to get my own blog (it was really excited). When I post something on my blog like my stories I get comments that help me make my writing better and makes me want to write more and more.

In my holidays Melissa , Emalata , Dorothy , my older sister and I made a plan to go to the movies in the first Thursday of the holidays. On Thursday my mum, my sister and I went over to Dorothy’s house to pick her up for the movies. Emalata had walked to my house (she doesn't live far) and Melissa met us on our way home. After a while my Dad dropped us off outside Pak ’n’ Save to do our shopping.

Me and Dorothy were together and Melissa and Emalata were with my sister. We trained into Sylvia Park and went and saw ‘The Sources Apprentice’. When we got there we just bought popcorn and went in to watch the movie in cinema 4 or 7 then we went home and played.

My goals for this term is to try and boost my writing to where I'm suppose to be. My blog is really helping me with the comments I receive. I also feel proud that my work is on the Internet for the world to see.

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  1. Hi Agnes

    I think your goal for term four is a good one. I have to do a lot of writing for my University studies, so I will share with you a few of my tips for writing.

    I 'mind map' my main ideas. Often I have arrows going from one to another as I work out which order to put them in. I then write a rough draft to get all my ideas down on paper. This gives me a good place to begin recrafting. I have a thesaurus and a dictionary handy to help me when I'm stuck for a word.

    When I have a final draft I will give it to someone to read. Having someone else look at my essays can really help because they can often see things that I have missed. I then take the time to read it aloud so that I can hear how it sounds. This can help with sentences that aren't quite right.

    I hope that I have been of some help. Writing can be an amazing process and now that you have earned your own blog, you have a world wide audience to read your work. Well done Agnes, I am looking foward to much more :)